Dr. Kim's Philosophy

If you had a house with a faulty foundation, you might call a plumber and a carpenter to address your leaking pipes and sticking doors. As the house settled more over the years, the same problems would recur because you didn't address the underlying issue with the foundation. Integrative Body Medicine seeks to address the foundation of your body's symptoms, leading to long-lasting results and relief.

Integrative Body Medicine captures Dr. Cathy Kim's focus on the basic mechanics of the body’s musculature and how correction of extreme imbalanced patterns can improve or even cure life-limiting conditions such as: tendinitis, hip pain, headache, vertigo, menstrual pain, etc. Over time, Dr. Kim also began to notice a relationship between the body’s mechanical imbalances and other “medical” conditions (restless legs, vertigo, eustachian tube dysfunction, fibromyalgia).  Rather than viewing patients through the lens of labs and imaging studies, Dr. Kim carefully identifies this unseen dimension of body structure and incorporates it into a treatment plan.

Dr. Kim also has the sophisticated perspective to help you understand how an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can improve your situation or help prevent increasingly prevalent conditions such as: dementia, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and even cancer. She partners with you to provide knowledge, insights, and other resources for you to embark on the path of healing your whole self.

Dr. Kim's Affiliations



For patients using their insurance, Dr. Cathy Kim is practicing Integrative Body Medicine in typical appointment slots at the following locations: Ventura (Ashwood), Oxnard (Saviers), and Camarillo.


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Dr. Kim is practicing primary care and urgent care at Sierra Vista Family Medical Clinic, a Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC) satellite clinic, in Simi Valley.