How do I make an appointment to see Dr. Kim?

Please see the Make an Appointment page.

Where does Dr. Kim practice?

Dr. Kim is practicing in the locations below: 

Traditional Insurance-Based (PPO, Medicare, etc.):

No Insurance /Out-of-Network):

  • Integrative Body Medicine consultation private practice in Camarillo. Please see the Make an Appointment page.

What can I expect from an Integrative Body Medicine visit with Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kim reviews your symptoms and concerns in the context of your past history and any muscular imbalances she identifies upon exam. She explains your dysfunctions and then outlines an individualized approach for your situation. With some patients, she may emphasize the nutritional aspect, and with others, more of the muscular imbalances, but she always has an eye on the function of the body as a whole. She will give you homework exercises; and if necessary, suggest that you see her preferred independent practitioners to help rebalance your body. The need and interval for follow-up is individualized for each patient.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You should wear comfortable clothes (workout attire not necessary) and a prioritized list of your concerns. Dr. Kim will take the time to address your questions and relate them to your physical findings.  Water to hydrate yourself afterwards is recommended.