Dr. Kim is a colleague of mine. Even though we have not worked together in clinical settings, she has discussed and shared her experiences in caring for some very difficult patients. Her deep and thorough understanding of how the body works/functions has helped patients to be pain free and some to get their quality of life back. I took my daughter to see Dr.Kim for chronic ankle pain for which she had two surgeries by age 16. Dr. Kim took a thorough history and found the root cause of her ankle pain and intermittent dizziness. She did some manual treatment and recommended some exercises for her and corrected her posture. My daughter felt better and did not have any ankle pain even with a lot of walking after that. I highly recommend Dr.Kim.

— J.A.C, MD
Dr. Kim was extremely patient and thorough in the process of figuring out my health issue. When the medicinal approach of taking antibiotics (several kinds) didn’t work, she didn’t give up but rather explored alternative solutions. She really thought outside the box and discovered that the root of the problem was, to me, seemingly unrelated, but actually the sole cause of my pain. Now, my throat is pain-free and my posture is better than ever before. Thanks so much, Dr. Kim!
— B.S.

I don’t have words to express how amazing she is. When I first started seeing her, I was a mess. I was completely depressed and regretful of the bariatric procedure I had in 2/2015. I was constantly nauseous. I was scared to eat because I didn’t want to vomit, but then, if I didn’t eat, I felt sick. I was full of anxiety and felt like my life was over. Thank God for Dr. Kim. She worked so closely and patiently with me and showed me different methods and stretches that I would have never thought would’ve helped me and they’ve made the world of difference. I now can eat and enjoy my food. I haven’t had any more nausea or vomiting for weeks now!
— E.M.
Dr. Cathy Kim, . . . has the knowledge, enthusiasm and compassion to assess a person’s problems and provide suitable exercises. I am 82 years old. She has given me the methods to overcome years of bad posture that has created back, leg and arm pain. At this age it’s difficult but not impossible to strengthen muscles. With perseverance and mindfulness, it can be done. Thank you Dr. Kim for improving my quality of life.
— C.F.

Prior to me seeing her, I’d seen other doctors and chiropractors who dismissed my pain as part of “normal” pregnancy and wasn’t willing to help. Dr. Kim was the only person who recognized the severity of my pain. After three months, there’s been a vast improvement and I finally feel like a normal person again.
— E.G.

I am so excited that I have been going to Dr. Kim. I’ve suffered from migraines/tension headaches since high school and she has taught me stretching to help eliminate 90% of my headaches. I have always relied on painkillers to help, but I now have a sense of freedom not having to carry around bottles of pills ‘just in case’ I have pain

— D.J.

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